Eikholt is a center of excellence in inter-disciplinary and broad-based knowledge and training in the fields of combined vision and auditory impairment/deafblindness. The Centre is situated in beautiful surroundings near the city of Drammen, 30 km west of Oslo.

Target groups:

  • persons with combined vision and auditory impairment/deafblindness
  • professionals
  • next-of-kin

We offer:

  • rehabilitation to professional life, studies and everyday life
  • training for alternative communication
  • training and adaptation to information technology
  • seminars and services tailored for individual needs
  • a meeting place for users, families and professionals

Eikholt Centre is tailored to the needs of people with combined visual and auditory impairment by its lighting, contrast- and colour conscious design, teleloop, and ice-free and guided nature paths. Eikholt is a non-profit institution owned by the Eikholt Foundation and funded by the Government of Norway.

Eikholt – English presentation 2015